"External Page" in WebFront Visualization


It’s possible to add an „External Page“ in WebFront Visualization. However, this „External Page“ is not visible/usable in the Android or iOS app. How can I create a link to an external http page that is visible and functional in the Android and iOS app? Thanks!

You can create a string variable with the ~HTMLBox profile and you can embed an external page using the iFrame HTML tag.
But beware, not every site allows this.

Hmm, the variable part is not that difficult, but how do I embed an external page using the iFrame HTML tag in Symcon? :thinking:
What I’m trying to do to create a „Category“ or „Tab pane“ or something like that, which opens the Logitech Media Server web interface, for managing the Squeezebox media players. Maybe someone has done this before?

It could be that webpages check, if they are embedded and don’t allow that.

The easiest way, use the SqueezeBox Modul from the store :wink: .

The html code must be entered as the value of the string variable.

<iframe src="http://xxx.yyy.xxx.yyy">

Height and width may need to be specified.

Using the SqueezeBox module is the best option. :wink:

Hello @Nall-chan ,

I tried your suggestion, and while it works, it doesn’t give you the best results, as you predicted.
Is there a reason that an „External page“ does work in a webbrowser, but not in a smartphone app? I hoped it would proxy the page somehow. Would it work with a public ip/hostname instead of a local ip/hostname? (Which would be a bad thing security wise)