Error after updating to 2.6

I just moved to Germany causing the reason to write this question in english.

After updating to 2.6 i’m getting suddenly after launching the WebFront in IE8 an error: „Webseite kann nicht angezeigt werden“

Parallel this issue I also receive an error on the IFront-app ----> JSON Fehler <html><head><title>Error</title></head><body><h1>NotFound</h1><body><html>

Please explain, also in german, what caused this problem and how to solve this.

It sounds like your IPS webserver is not started. When this happens this is normally due to port conflicts, e.g. another webserver is already using the port IPS wants to use and hence the startup of the webserver fails.

Can you check on the property area of the webfront if this is started?

Thank you for your swift reply :slight_smile:

The IPS webserver is started and no other instances have been installed on my XP environment that could create a port conflict. In addition, I changed the port from 82 into 83 and deactivated the windows firewall as this could have solved this issue, however no positive result either.

Again, thank you for your support in advance !


During teamviewer session: Webfront files were no longer existing in …/ips/webfront. Copied from back into …/ips/webfront and worked fine again.