EIB/KNX Shutter instance upgrade

Hello everyone ,

I tried to setup a shutter instance but the „step“ command doesn’t work .

In the image an idea how to implement EIB/KNX usage .

Do you think is possible to do that ?:confused:

Thank you

We already had this feature in mind originally, but no one needed it and was able to test it properly. I have added this feature for the current test-version of IP-Symcon 4.0. We would love to hear if it works for you!

Docs to switch to the Testing branch:
IP-Symcon 4.0.x (Beta)


Hello Paresy ,

I could check the testing version and it has worked very good .

With value 0 shutter goes up , with 4 goes down , with 1 step up and with 3 step down and if I click the command up or down I can stop with the step-up or step/down ( is indifferent ) like a real pushbutton .

Perfect !

Thank you