Hello, what do you people use to controll IPS? Just your phone and tablets? Im looking for some screens to mount on the wall.
Any ideas?

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Use iPad and Wallmounts, otherwise you can use Big Tablets like HP Slate 21 or All-in-one PCs.

I use an (old) Asus E1602 in the hall, middle of the house, as server and central Visualization and also tablet and mobil.

Currently I’m looking for a new one, but the free space is restricted and newer All-in-Ones are to big.

I think you have to divide in different requirements/tasks:

  1. IPS-Server („normal“ PC /Server Hardware - in any corner of any room, only with network port available)
  2. Admin Workstation for the Management tasks like configuring IPS, programming scripts, debugging, searching for help in solutions in some boards :wink: )
  3. Visualization hardware like Android or Apple Tablets or HP Slate 21 (great toy) with the webfront and/or other apps for other systems (Onkyo receiver, Homematic CCU and devices, Camera controls, text to speech, …) for the daily work and usability

In my case these are different hardware systems (HP Server, management notebook and some tablets) as well - but you have to decide by yourself which working model fits your requirements (High performance or low energy hardware, how many users, how many components, …) and for which task do you use which system.
And often this is an evaluation process … what about 1st to add an additional tablet for visualization and control tasks?!

Yes, more questions than answers but it depends on so many facts and we know only a few!

Good luck and kind regards!


if you use german words „Wandhalterung“ = Wallmount or „Odys Next“ = cheap Androd Tablet in the Forum search you should find a lot of posts with pictures where people show how it can look like.

Most people use Android tablets and the Webfront for visualisation. The benefits are cheap price / low power consuption / flexibility.

best rgds

Thank you all for good feedback. Will look into it this weekend.

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I’m using a Medion Nettop with a 10" USB touchscreen attached to it.
Screen is attached to the wall.

Jan Roelof