Disable/ignore presence/motion sensors when using light on/off switch

Maybe someone has some good suggestions on how to deal with presence/motion sensors.
I have some rooms with presence/motion sensors. That works well most of the time. However sometimes I want/need to disable to the presence/motion sensor for a period of time.
I’ve configured the lights to go on for 3 minutes when presence/motion has been detected. The result is that every 3 minutes the on/off switch needs to be pressed if you stay in that room for longer than 3 minutes. Is there a way to disable the presence/motion sensor for a period of time when the lights on/off switch has been pushed and reenabled when the period of time has expired?

#If dimmers are involved? …then presence or motion script only switch if < 100%

$VL_Level= GetValueFloat(15543);
if ($Presence) {
	if ( $VL_Level < 1 ) {
		RequestAction($Dimmer, 0.9);
} elseif ( $VL_Level < 1) {
	RequestAction($Dimmer, 0);