Custom API and WFC_GetSnapshotChanges

Hi Paresy,

We are building a custom API and front-end for IP-Symcon. The reason is we need user authentication and a data format that is optimised for our application.

I was hoping I would be able to use the WFC_GetSnapshotChanges() function to get a snapshot of recent changes in the system. When I execute WFC_GetSnapshotChanges($webfrontId, $timestamp) just like the WebFront is doing through the JSON-RPC API I receive a wrong parameter count error.

Any directions about how to use WFC_GetSnapshot() and WFC_GetSnapshotChanges() in PHP modules?

This error should be fixed in one of the recent Beta Versions. Can you try updating?


Thank you. It’s working again.

How do I correctly calculate LastTimestamp if I need a snapshot of changes in the past few seconds? It’s not a regular unix timestamp and also not the difference in seconds between the actual time and kernel start time.

Each Snapshot has the timestamp in it. You need to use this value to get any changes inbetween. It is a counter for each message inside the kernel message loop.