Current hardware


I know this is not the best forum to ask but perhaps I can get a quick reply.
I currently run FS20 and some components are ancient and dying.
Instead of buying FS20 components again, maybe I should switch to something newer, which does not suffer from FS20 issues like no feedback to commands (=lost commands) and poor reliability of any motion detection.

Which technologies fulfill the following criteria:

  • (of course) supported by IP symcon
  • can run in parallel with FS20 (I want to do gradual change, as components die)
  • no expensive central unit needed, all control via IP Symcon (there’s something similar to FHZ1300 available for that technology)
  • all configuration can be done by user, without expensive special hardware (at the time when I bought into FS20, some competitors required special hardware to configure components)
  • economical



You should take a look at „HomeMatic“. It`s easy to configure and has bidirectional communication between central unit and actuators. Maybe with Raspberry and HomeMatic module on it, installed with debian and piVCCU - instead of a slow CCU2.

Here you can find some information:
HomeMatic — IP-Symcon :: Automation Software

Kind regards,

Thanks, I’ll have a look.