Controlling more hardware with IPS

Hi IPS Crew…

In Holland, but all over Europe there are cheap home-automation sets for sale to swith lights etc. There are a large amount of widely available 433.92 Mhz wireless remote switches with their own protocol. Tellstick, a usb remote switch from Telldus, can control a lot of these devises (see Telldus Technologies AB).

I use them to control lights etc with Klik aan, Klik uit (in Germany CoCo, they were also on L&B, COCO - controlled comfort or KlikAan KlikUit - Het grootste gemak in draadloos schakelen). Also I have the Dovado UMR and I use this to send SMS commands like ‘Lamp on‘ or ‘Lamp off’ to the Tellstick, it switches the lights for me via an SMS.

Could the IPS crew take a look at it and think about it to incorporate the TellStick hardware into IPS. You would enlarge the amount of hardware you can control with IPS tremendous. Take a look at their site to see what vendors Telldus supports and if you look at what the vendors deliver than this would be a match in heaven :rolleyes:


Hi robertg,

i will be interesst too!

This sounds very good and it is sheep.
Has this system a tow-way communication?
How far is the signal distanz for working?

Hi Asics,

Tellstick supports many cheap vendors on the 433.92 band like: Proove, Nexa, IKEA, CoCo, Bye bye standby, Elro, Sartano, DIY, Waveman etc. The nice thing is that Telldus has broken all the protocols and IP-Symcon doesn’t have to worry about this anymore. Just plug in the usb-stick and you can control them. The only thing for IP-symcon will be to incorparate the Telldus driver and hardware layout.

All the vendors have only a One way communication. The distance is about 30 meters and depends on the vendor. You can buy a Tellstick with an external antenna.


Hi! It would be very interesting indeed if IPS would’ve support for this Telldus USB stick, it opens up access to a variety of hardware, most of them at quite reasonable price.

Are there any plans to look into this further? As a many years systems developer, I might be able to help, just contact me.

The Telldus stick that is available now does only one way communication, it sends out signals to devices to turn them on/off. But they’re working on a two-way USB device, the Tellstick Duo. More information on Telldus Technologies • View topic - TellStick Duo - Calling For Developers!

In the Telldus Forum you write a tread about PHP-Code.
Can you post the code and post a Link for sample-code in C?
Greeting Helmut


Regarding PHP developers sample code you can find some information on:
/trunk/bindings/php (also a php sample).

Any other language can be found on:

I am sure MPRAG from Telldus can help you even more… they are looking for developers who want to help with there 2 way communication, see Telldus Technologies • View topic - TellStick Duo - Calling For Developers! for more information.


Thank you for the Link,
the services is not intended probably for me, a suitable inquiry was not even answered.
I renounce this, beg I do not act who does not want that his system is spread, than i leaves it!

Best regards Helmut