Console username and password on OS X

I installed the OS X version of IPS 4.0 some time back, with Wine. But I have been running 3.4 on VMWare as the main system. Now that I want to test the OS X version, I get the server to run, but the Console is requesting a username and password. How has that been set? I have tried all known combos.

Installation — IP-Symcon :: Automatisierungssoftware

Headline „Fernzugriff Kennwort setzen“

not sure if it also works with OS X.

Normally the username is your license email. And the password is set through the TrayIcon. Did you do that? Do you run the console locally through wine?


I am not sure if a password was set when I installed it a month and a half ago. Have not used it since. Yes, it is used locally through wine. Is it perhaps easier to delete the entire instance, and install again, importing all the configurations from 3.4 on Win XP?

If you have IPS-Trayicon available, you can easy set a new password for „Fernzugriff“.

If no Trayicon available, take a look on this page:
Installation — IP-Symcon :: Automatisierungssoftware
…at headline „Fernzugriff Kennwort setzen“ it`s described how to set a new password in unix OS.

Much easier then a new install :slight_smile: