Connecting Homematic trough LAN or USB


First of all I want to complement you with the program. As you can see I am a newbe … and have some questions.

For now your manual is talking about connecting to HomeMatic trough the Central CCU1. But there are also a HomeMatic LAN and a USB connector. Does IP Symcon support these already? Which one do you advice, LAN or USB?
[url =] HomeMatic LAN Adapter Configuration | ELV Elektronik [/ url]

Thanks to Google a lot can be translated into English (manuals, forum, etc). I know there has been two post about a English version but … no clear answer yet. So, are there plans to make a English and Dutch: D version? I think that other countries will enjoy your work!

I have a 1wire network at home with more parts than you support now. I also have a hub, barometer, temperture / humidity meters, uv-meters, solar-meter. Are there plans to support these as well? If not will I be able to build my own connector?


The mentioned ELV devices for connection with the HomeMatic system cannot be used as a gateway. They are for configuration/range extension only. You have to use the CCU.

Currently we do not tend to support more 1-Wire modules. If you would like to, you can link to the PDFs at Maxim which modules you have. If we find any intersting modules we may reconcider.

There are no plans to localize the manual, yet. Though the software is completely in english.


Thanks for the reply… IPSymcon is in english now :slight_smile:

To bad that we have to use the Homematic CCU. Looking at the Zwave components that are coming out it will be hard for the CCU to compete…

For now… FS20 :(.

Keep up the good work…