Configure webfront javascript

Is there a way to get a less mangled version of webfront.js ? I want to configure some things of the charts (e.g. disable animation, remove some buttons) and I can sort of guess what some of the things in the minified / dart compiled javascript mean, but it would be (very) nice if there was a less obscured version so that I don’t have to guess and try so much. Even if there was a separate javascript file with some non-obfuscated functions that have most of the configuration stuff, that would be fine (but of course it would be much better still if there was a user-readable version of all of the javascript - it’s not like there is that much ‚secret‘ stuff in there…)

Another reason I want to do this is so that I can dynamically insert bootstrap classes, to get a better responsive layout in the theme I’m working on. Right now, afaik, the only ‚theming‘ is changing the css, but that’s very rigid since all the classes and divs are build around the standard theme. I guess having user-modifiable templates to configure the html that is spit out is too much to ask, but having some javascript hooks so that I can modify the DOM at runtime would for now be a sufficient first step I think.

Unfortunately we do not provide any source code or unminified versions of the webfront. Those would be very prone to updates anyways.

We allow adding HTML + JavaScript into the InfoWidget and HTMLBox’es. Maybe this will help you to get any hacks implemented, but other than that i cannot really help you.

If you have ideas on how we can optimize our DOM to allow better customizing i’ll be glad to look into it.