Communication failures


recently I started to experience communication failures between IPS/FHZ1300PC and FS20 components.
Sometimes status information from a sensor doesn’t get transmitted to the PC and sometimes commands do not find their way to receivers.
E.g. I turn receiver on, nothing happens. I send ON command again, receiver turns on.
It seems to be kind of random, at least I didn’t find any pattern.
And it makes the system unreliable and uncomfortable :frowning:

Did you encounter such issues? What could be the reason?
It is not the distance between components. I had cases where commands didn’t get through and the distance is ~5 meters through one rigips wall.

This is a general problem of the FS20 system. You send a radio command, but does not know whether it has arrived.
The forum is full of these negative messages. Better you set up a system with feedback, such as HomeMatic.
This sends a confirmation of receipt of the radio command.
The solution is BidCoS which the HomeMatic sytem used.