Change port / use SSL

Hi I’m new here does anyone know if you can change the default port 443 to another one for better security please

We do not use port 443. We only use port 3777. If you happen to have added a webserver (WebServer — IP-Symcon :: Automation Software) you can define the port yourselfs.


which system?


I would like a secure connection ip instead of 3777 and my modem already uses port 443

im using rbp with ubuntu 20.04

Have you checked paresys link?


yes i saw the link, the ssl was created, but i can’t find where i can change the port

When I look at the screenshot from the link the port is directly below Server …

I don’t think it’s the web server you can see this from the screenshots

You can find it in the core instances. In the object tree.


Hello I have a problem I have installed symcon it runs, but wants ssl I created it but then it doesn’t want to work does anyone know why this is please?

We need more information about what you did and what does not work. Unfortunately i do not understand what part of IP-Symcon is not working the way you expect it to be.


okay no go to the web interface with the ip address but this now this page

how did you try to reach the web interface? It must be :


just via a web browser always get this when ssl is activated

Do you correctly use the URL with httpS:// instead of http:// ?


you tried to open the site with an public ip. Is this correct? Did you have opend all necessary ports on your Firewall?

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both ports the port has been changed when i turn off ssl it connects directly
and I changed the firewall of the modem to a different port 5000

I have these ssl keys on via

// Generate a private key
openssl genrsa -out pk.pem 1024

// Create a certificate signing request
openssl req -new -key pk.pem -out req.csr

// Self-sign the csr
openssl x509 -req -days 3650 -in req.csr -signkey pk.pem -out cert.pem

It took me a while to understand that „enable ssl“ doesn’t add ssl on another port (443) in addition to the defined port. To have a HTTP and HTTPS webserver you need two webserver instances.