Cannot delete instance

During testing of a home-build module I created a I/O instance (serial port) but I failed to construct the child instance due to some errors. No big deal you’d say, but I cannot delete the created I/O instances as my attempt to delete these gives the following error:

Could not delete object
Flow for Instance #17837 does not exist (Code: -32603)

The instance ID it refers to seems to be the reserved ID for the child that was never/partially created. I cannot delete these, also IPS_DeleteInstance gives a similar result. The Instance ID it refers to is also non-existent.


Have you restarted your IP-Symcon service? This always helps me if the IPS behaves as described by you.
Either the object is deleted after the IPS restart, or then i can delete it without problems.

Kind regards,

I tried to restart the Symcon service but it did not have any effect.

This morning, after a full reboot of the raspberry Pi I could delete these instances. Finally :slight_smile: