Building a new module

I want to build a new module for my machine system.
Can you guide me what are the steps in it and what are the advantages of modules.
I have created a module which shows some area for adding git commits and url.Also how do i install or use the module because i can see no symbol for module store in my console.

Unfortunately most documentation to the SDK is written in german, but Google Translate should help you get along: SDK (PHP) — IP-Symcon :: Automatisierungssoftware

You can also check out test repository: GitHub - symcon/SymconTest: Symcon modules for demonstration and testing
And of course all the modules on our GitHub repo: Symcon GmbH · GitHub

Installing modules is simple: You should add your Git Repo using the core instance „Module Control“. Uploading to the store is the last step in the eco-system. Also make sure to develop the module locally. You don’t need Git to develop a module. Just create the module in the „modules“ folder with the correct structure and it will work. Google a bit about MC_ReloadModule, which will help you reduce friction by not requiring you to restart IP-Symcon all the time.

Hope that helps for the start.


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This was really helpful.
To start i created a library and module using SDK tool module generator and now i have the downloaded template. Working with module.php i want to create a set of variables corresponding to the list provided by the manufacture in the a category/subcategory fashion .Once this is done how will it be used in my console dealing with a particular category.
Please correct me if i am wrong and help me if possible.