Beginner (sort of) questions

Hi everyone. My first post after trying the IPS. Need to figure out is this is for us or if we should go for the SHC. Obviously we would like the broader range of IP Symcon, but it would take a bit more setup time.

Currently we have most of the units from xComfort, also the new CHAU, CRCA and CHVZ-01/05. Not sure if those are supported yet, but looks like the importer does not complain. Suspect that is a good sign they are supported?

Would be great if someone could help me to get started with these things:

  • What is the best beginner way to configure the WebFront? Now it just lists all devices and is not that usefull. Do we rely on themes or do we have to configure everything from scratch?

  • How do I setup the CRCA and the CHAU and CHVZ-01/05 for instance (I also have additional temperature sensors that I would like to be involved)?

Thanks in advance!

Tried to edit the post, but did not manage to find out how to do that. Any pointers?

I wanted to give a few more details. The CRCA is the Room Controller Touch and the CHAU is the CHAU-01/01-16E. I have most of the simpler things working in MRF, but the RCT and the CHAU needs IP Symcon or Smart Home Controller to function. I also have an additional external temperature sensor not connected to the RCT but trough the temperature sensor device.

For a beginner, it is best to have categories for devices e.g. create a category named Devices. Below this category you can create further categories according to personal preferences under which the equipment and trades are stored. The top category Devices is opened in the object tree
object tree.png
Right click with the mouse on the category Devices and select Edit object.
Deactive the setting under visual settings
Visual Settings.png
show object.

Then create further categories of your choice, for example, one category for each room.
In the visual room category, you use Links to the devices under the category Devices. This way you can sort your devices in the webfront.

Have you tried to follow the guide? If there are exact problems with the setup, best describe where the exact problem exists, then you will for sure get a specific answer to the question.

Thanks a lot for you quick answer. I will following the approach you suggest on categories etc. to make the WebFront a bit more usable.

I will open a dedicated post on each question for the more technical stuff.