Back (Zurück) button Android App


I see in the iOS App a Back (Zurück) button, is there a way to get this working in the Android App.

Or is there another way to get this functionality in the menu’s.

Thanks ….



This is an iOS-Feature … in Android, you have to use the „hardware-button“ … mostly signed with a left-pointing arrow on your device.

Isn’t there anyway to implement this? Would be pretty awesome, because some people use wall-mounted android tablets. I’ve got great cases, but these cases cover the hardware buttons.
At the moment I’m using an app to get software-buttons. Unfortunately, these software-buttons look like buttons from the 90’s.

A back-button in the app would be pretty useful in my opinion, but I think I will go for some cheap tablet without hardware keys(so I can use the stock software-buttons). Something like this, it’s only there for displaying the IP-Symcon app. I think that it doesn’t need to be an expensive tablet.

I think, you must send a feature request to the developer-team …

Which Android Version do you have? Starting with 4.x Android has software buttons by default.


Tablet, 5.0.2, no Button