After upgrade remote console can't connect

after upgrade on 14.05.2014 to version 3.1 I can not connect to remote console on port 82, local one works fine.

Firewall? Did you enable the „Remote access“ option?


I enabled something, but i don’t know whether that option is this one, about which you mentioned. Could You point, where is that option? Firewall, I don’t think, because I’m getting a warning of wrong user name or password even though i have correct one. it means, that frames from client console reached the ip-symcon service on remote server.

Have a look at the screenshot here:


Unfortunatly, setting a remote access doesn’t work. Firewall disabled.

You probably did not not enable SSL in the console’s server configuration.


O.K. It works, I didn’t know that as user name is required to type my licence account (email adress), I tried the user name the same as in Webfront configuration. Thank’s for You help.


bei mir klappt es leider noch nicht.
Welchen Usernamen gebe ich da eigentlich ein? oder muss ich diesen leer lassen?

Merci für die Hilfe und herzliche Grüsse

Du nimmst die E-Mail Adresse, auf die deine Lizenz läuft.


das war es. Nun funktioniert es.
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