ABB IPS/S eintragen

Hallo kan jemand mier helfen, ich wil die IPS/S 2.1 instalieren in IPS, aber es geht nicht.


sorry for the not good write.

IP-Symcon Version? In IP-Symcon Version 2.3 you should use the Konfigurator for KNX. Did you have configured the ABB IPS/S 2.1 over the ETS3 correctly? If yes, do you use fixed ip or dhcp?:confused:

Hello, yes it is version 2.3, and i use fixet IP in the IPS/S 2.1. and i think i did configurate him in the ets 3.


O.K., so i think you have to test the correct configuration of the ips/s. Are you able to connect with the ETS3 to the ips/s? If yes, are you able to monitor bus events with ETS3 using the ips/s? If all yes, then use IP-Symcon and add a EIB/KNX Konfigurator. Edit the settings in the dialog for the I/O Connection (IP-Address etc.). Then it should work.:slight_smile:

sorry but it don’t work, i think i make something wrong.

the version is 2.3
the IPS/S 2.1 works in the ETS 3 (fixit IP)

i not know how to edit this to the configurator!!!

Thanks, Ron